Icy Hot Southern Junior Cup




The Icy Hot Southern Junior Cup, formerly the Junior Davis/Fed Cup, was created to give juniors the opportunity to experience the thrill and camaraderie of tennis as a team sport.


Boys' and Girls' 12s Icy Hot Southern Junior Cup Tournament
ID# 704216917
September 8-10


Winner Gold - Williams team

2nd Place - Rogers Team

3Rd Place - Isner Team



See action photos gallery of 14s-18s.

Photso by Ron Cioffi/USTA Southern

Silver Winner- Harrison Team

2nd Place - Stephens Team

3rd Place - Min Team


Bronze Winner - Young Team

2nd Place -  Oudin Team

3rd Place - Sandgren Team


Boys' and Girls' 14-18s Icy Hot Southern Junior Cup Tournament
ID# 704216817
September 15-17


Gold Winner - Georgia

2nd place - South Carolina

3rd place - North Carolina


Silver Winner- Alabama

2nd place - Tennessee

3rd place - Louisiana


Bronze Winner-Arkansas

2nd place - Kentucky

3rd place - Mississippi


Tournament headquarters for both events
Champions Club
3400 Lupton Drive
Lupton, TN 37351

Secondary site
Baylor School tennis courts

Contact: Maria Cercone
770-368-8200 (office)
770-368-9091 (fax)


Icy Hot Southern Junior Cup, BG 18s-14s
Tournament ID: 704216816
Dates: September 16-18, 2016
Divisions:  BG(18-14)sd,TC

Georgia wins Icy Hot Southern Junior Cup for the 23th straight time in Chattanooga/Lupton, TN. Full story

Mississippi reaches its first Silver Division. Full story

Sister Connection Stretches Over Junior Cups. Full story

Here are the standings in each of the three divisions:

Georgia, 2-0
South Carolina, 1-1
North Carolina, 0-2

Louisiana, 2-0
Tennessee, 1-1
Mississippi, 0-2

Arkansas, 2-0
Alabama, 1-1
Kentucky, 0-2

Icy Hot Southern Junior Cup, BG 12s
Tournament ID: 704216916
Dates: September 9-11, 2016
Divisions: BG(12)sd,TC
View 12s team and state photos.

Here are the final rankings from Gold, Silver and Bronze play, with round-robin team and match records:

Big Shots 2-0, 12-6
Alley Cats 1-1, 8-10
Acers 0-2, 7-11

Poachers 1-1, 10-8
Match Points 1-1, 9-9
Serve You Up1-1, 8-10

Kings & Queens 2-0, 12-6
Lob Squad 1-1, 10-7
Grand Slammers, 0-2, 4-13