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High Performance

Welcome to the High Performance section of the USTA Southern Section website. This part of the site will answer many of your questions related to junior player development including, Competition Training Centers, Local Excellence Training, Player Grants and High Performance Coaching. Be sure to also check out the junior competition "Frequently Asked Questions."

USTA High Performance provides American juniors and young professional players with the opportunities to reach their maximum potential. This mission is facilitated through enhanced coaching education programs, top supplemental coaching in men’s and women’s tennis and junior and collegiate competition and training programs.


• Facilitate the development of world-class American players.
• Award High Performance player grants.
• Assist the Community Outreach and Multicultural Participation department in selecting the appropriate players to receive multicultural player grants.
• Work with the USOC on grants and awards.
• Award USTA Pro Circuit and other pro tournament wild cards.
• Participate in wild card determinations at the US Open Championships.
• Provide customer service to players, parents and coaches for men’s and women’s tennis programs, professional circuits and the ITF circuit.
• Conduct Gold Medal camps in conjunction with Davis Cup and Fed Cup ties.
• Coordinate junior international individual and team travel.
• Conduct training camps for High Performance players.
• Work with college tennis to help U.S. prospects compete in intercollegiate athletics.
• Work closely with private coaches and academies of top U.S. prospects.
• Assist in the selection of players and coaches for Olympic events (i.e., Pan Am Games).
• Manage the Touring Pro program to help young American players make the transition to the professional level.
• Organize and support ITF events in the United States to provide opportunities for American players.
• Work with the USTA Pro Circuit department to strategically schedule tournaments throughout the year.
• Provide support to the Professional Tennis Division in relation to Davis Cup, Fed Cup and the Olympics.

The Progressive Development of a High Performance Player Click HereThis brochure has been featured in the High Performance Coaching Newsletter and takes a coach through the three phases of athlete development. Within each phase, information is presented on the:

Physical Skills that should be developed and worked on,
Tactical Skills that should be emphasized,
Technical Skills that should be emphasized,
Mental skills that should be developed, and
Coaching styles and instructional methods that can be employed.

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