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USTA Southern 2009 Additions To National Regulations


USTA Southern adopts the following rules to be in addition to the National Regulations


Players with a sectional (12-18’s standings 1-300 and 10 standings 1-100) standing in any age group as of July 31, 2008 must enter at the advanced level (NTRP 3.5 & above).

1.03 Official Registration: All players must be registered in TennisLink prior to playing a match.

1.04 Official Score Reporting and Standing System: All results must be recorded in TennisLink within one week of the end of the season and prior to any Championship Advancement.

1.10 USTA JUNIOR TEAM TENNIS YEAR: Southern Championship Programs go from September to August.

2.01 C LOCAL LEAGUE: Age Categories: Local and State Organizations may have additional age groups including 12 and under, 10 and under and 8 and under. 10 and Under and 8 and under may use the modified court sizes and equipment.

2.01F Scoring: In Southern Championships no ad scoring with 2 out of 3 short sets with a tiebreak in lieu of the third will be used. For play below the Section Championships, the States may authorize the use of any USTA approved scoring methods.

2.01G(5) A )More Than One Team: A player may participate on more than one team in a local league during the same season as long as it is not the same Division in the same league. A player may not participate on more than one Championship team.

2.01G(5)b More than One Individual Match: An individual may play in any number of individual matches in a team match as determined by the local league and State. See 2.03G for Championship.

2.02B Sectional League Championships: Each State association shall hold a State USTA Junior Team Tennis League Championship for the 18 & under, 14 & under and 12 & under age categories to determine the State champions. The winning teams at the Intermediate and Advanced level shall be eligible to compete in the USTA Junior Team Tennis Section Championships. The winning teams 18 & under and 14 & under at the Intermediate and Advanced level shall be eligible to compete in the USTA Junior Team Tennis National Championships. Wildcards may be drawn to fill a draw.

2.03B: Substitutions in Sectional League Championships: Only one boy and/or one girl may be substituted on a team that has less than three boys and/or less than three girls from the original team..

2.03G Participation: In Championship play an individual may play in either one singles or one doubles match within each dual match or one girl and one boy may play in two individual matches one of which must be MXD. All players who have played must play twice before any player plays twice again. The playing twice rotation will start over in Playoffs. A team does not have to have fewer than 4 boys and/or fewer than 4 girls to play an individual twice.

Ranking and Standings Points: Beginning January 2009 the National and Southern Championships will include points toward Southern Rankings and Standings. National Championships Advanced will be Southern Level 2 and Intermediate will be Southern Level 3. Southern Championships Advanced will be Southern Level 3 and Intermediate will be Southern Level 4. If States choose to use the necessary programs to award points for State Championship the Advanced will be Southern Level 4 and Intermediate will be Southern Level 5. Scoring must meet the Southern requirements for Rankings and Standings


Beginning January 2009 any USTA Southern players who have been suspended under USTA Southern Suspension Points regulation will be suspended from Championship play during the suspension period. States will have the option to suspend from Local Play.


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