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> > Junior Competition FAQ's

How will the STA Tentative and Final Rankings be determined and presented?
The following Rankings will be calculated using only match results from within the age division. Results from January 1 through December 31 of the current calendar year will be used in the calculation. The STA eligibility requirements for Final ranking must be met.

  • A Preliminary Tentative Ranking will be issued on the Internet soon after the completion of the Southern Indoor Open (November). This ranking will be subject to appeal.
  • A Tentative Ranking will be issued on the Internet soon after the completion of the Southern Indoor Closed (December). This ranking will be subject to appeal.
  • The Final Ranking will be published on the Internet and in the STA Yearbook (February). This ranking is not subject to appeal.

Please describe the new STA rolling standings that are on the www.
The rolling standings format, as determined by the USTA, includes three parts:

  1. The standings will always reflect 11-12 months of play. For example, on Jan 1, 2002 all January 2001 results were deleted and matches played in 2002 were added as results became available.
  2. Players who are too old for an age division are removed from the standings each month. Note: If your birth date is incorrect, you may not be on the correct standings list, so check your birth date (and other information) on your player record on the Internet.
  3. Play between two players in the lower age division who have played in the higher division (within the rolling time frame) will be counted. For example, if two players who have played in the 16s played each other in the 14s within the 11-12 month window, the 14s match will be counted in both age divisions. This part is pending, but will be implemented as soon as the computer software is ready and thoroughly tested.

What do I do if something is wrong with my record?
Contact Cliff Dye. Present as much detail related to the problem as possible (Tournament name and date, player names, round, etc.). Also be sure to include your name and age division. Errors often occur because your player data in the ranking program does not match what is on a draw sheet. Be sure to ALWAYS use the information which is on your USTA card when registering for a tournament. Also, check the draw sheet to see that the information is correct. If the information on your USTA card is not correct or if your wish to change it, contact the USTA Membership office. Please realize that to a computer, Willy Smith and Billy Smith are two different players.

Please describe how the ranking program works.
A computer program called STAR does the calculating of all STA (USTA, and most other Sections) junior rankings after the appropriate match results are entered. The algorithm is complex and involves quite a few mathematical formulas. Basically, a player is within a group of players with similar values. A win above the group gives bonus points, a win within the group gives points, while a win below the group gives no points. Same for losses: A loss above the group does not subtract points, a loss within the group subtracts points, while a loss below the group subtracts extra points. A very small number of points is given for participation. Scores are not considered.

Why am I not included in the current standings?
You may not be in the current standings because your birth date is incorrect or missing from the database. Also, you may not fulfill the current standings criteria, which is a minimum of one (1) BullFrog designated or one (1) Southern Championship.

Can I see and check my record if I am not included in the current standings?
Yes, if you played a player who is on the current standings. Lookup the player you played who is on the standings, find your name, and click on your name. Your record will appear.

Why is my current standing lower than my last year's ranking?
Ranking lists include only players who have fulfilled certain tournament requirements and therefore include a fairly limited number of players. Standing lists have very few requirements, so many more players are included. Some of the players who are on the standing list, but were not on last year's ranking list, may have a higher standing than you. Therefore, your standing becomes lower than your ranking.

What are the minimum ranking requirements for a Southern Ranking?
Singles: One (1) Southern Championship and two (2) other tournaments held in the Southern Section, one (1) of the latter two (2), other than the Southern Championship, shall be out of the player's Stare. If a player play in two (2) Southern Championships, the requirement to play one (1) tournament of out of his/her Stare is waived. Play in sanction team matches or interscholastic matches between schools shall not fulfill the out of state requirement. Eligible Southern Championships are the Southern Closed, Southern Junior Open, Southern 12 Closed Indoors, Spring Southern 14's, Southern Indoor Open and the Southern Indoor Closed.

What happens to my ranking if I default a tournament? Does the ranker need documentation?
If the tournament is a Bullfrog/STA Designated, no documentation is needed because any defaults after 7 days prior to the start of the tournament are all treated the same. Only one default is counted per tournament (even if there is another in the back draw). During endorsement for nationals and/or at year-end for the final rankings, players will be dropped one place for each default.

How do I view my current player's record?
You can view them online.

How do I apply for entries to the Super Circuit Tournaments?
The Bullfrog/STA designated tournaments are open to all residents of the Southern Section. The draws are limited to the top 64 entrants based on current ranking and standing in the USTA Southern Section rankings/standings. The top 64 varies from tournament to tournament. The middle events in the spring (Clemson and Columbus) have been the most heavily entered in the past while Memphis and Baton Rouge have had a lesser number of entries. If you do not have an USTA Southern Section ranking or standing, it is recommend that you play in one of the remaining USTA Southern Section Championships (Louisville in November or Memphis in Dec) and a tournament outside of your State to earn your ranking for the current year. By playing in the minimum required tournaments, this would enhance your chances of getting into one of the Designated tournaments. However, if you enter 2 or more of the tournaments and do not get into the draw, the requirement for play in one for national endorsement is considered met. Please check the USTA Southern Section yearbook for the ranking/endorsing coordinator for your age group. They will be a valuable resource.


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