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BullFrog USTA Southern Designated Events

Bullfrog 2003


Dunlop Sport

The BullFrog USTA Southern Designated events were initiated, and still act as, one of the requirements for endorsement into the National Championships, from the USTA Southern Section. There is a very high level of play in these USTA Southern level 2 events, giving our players an excellent competitive opportunity. The strength of field for some of these events rivals that of National and Regional events on the National Junior Tournament Schedule.

There are eight BullFrog USTA Southern Designated events throughout the year, five in the Spring and three in the Fall. The draws for each division of each event is a 64 with full feed in consolation. Play begins Saturday morning and runs through Monday afternoon.

2010 Final  Standings for the Dunlop Cup
Click for a multi-page document with the 2010 final standings in boys' and girls' in all age brackets.

Scheduled 2010 events are hosted by the following facilities:
Click for a more detailed schedule.

Ridgeland Tennis Center, Jackson, MS (B&G 12-18’s)

John Drew Smith Tennis Center, Macon, GA (B&G 12 & 14’s)

Hudlow Tennis Center, Norcross, GA (B&G 16 & 18’s)

Paula Manship YMCA, Baton Rouge, LA (B&G 12-18’s)

Auburn Parks & Rec, Auburn, AL (B&G 12 & 14’s)

Tennis Memphis, Memphis, TN (B&G 16 & 18’s)

Van Der Meer Tennis Center, Hilton Head Island, SC (B&G 12 & 14’s)

Clemson/Furman, Clemson, SC (B&G 16 & 18’s)

Pleasant Valley Country Club, Little Rock, AR (B&G 12-18’s)

Cary Tennis Center, Raleigh, NC (B&G 12 & 14’s)

Millbrook Exchange Tennis Center, Raleigh, NC (B&G 16 & 12’s)

Mobile Tennis Center, Mobile, AL (B&G 12-18’s)

The D-Squad Points Race for the Dunlop Cup

Dunlop is pleased to offer BullFrog USTA Southern Section Designated D-Squad Points Race to reward the Circuit’s Best Players. The winners will be the players with the best 4 finishes out the of 8 Bullfrog events. Player’s will be ranked based on a point system outlined and supported by Dunlop and the USTA Southern Section. Points earned will only count in the Age Division those points were earned within.

Point’s System Per Tournament

Quarterfinalists = 3 pts Fourth Place = 5 pts Third Place = 6 pts

Finalist = 7 pts Winner = 10 pts

Prizes will be awarded in each age group of the boys and girls divisions

First Place: Full sponsorship from Dunlop for one year

Second Place: Partial sponsorship from Dunlop for one year

Third Place: Dunlop Player's Prize Pack

In case of a tie in any of the top 3 finishing positions, the winner will be determined by the following tiebreakers in order:

· Dunlop and USTA will look at the number of sets each has won through the duration of the 4 tournaments accounted for. The player with the most number of sets won will take the awarded position.

· Dunlop and USTA will look at the number of games won through the duration of the 4 tournaments accounted for. The player with the most number of games won will take the awarded position.

· Dunlop and USTA will look at the next tournament played by each player.

Example: if each player played 5 Bullfrog Tournaments, we will look at each player’s finish in that specific tournament and compare results. We will compare results by the following:

1. Result in the tournament. The player who advances the furthest will take the awarded position.

2. If a tie still exists tallied sets and games will help determine the winner.

3. If a tie still exists once all has been tallied, both player’s will be awarded.

The Dunlop Cup

The Dunlop Cup will go to the Overall Winner of the D-Squad Points in age group and gender. To participate in the Dunlop Cup the same rules apply as the D-Squad Points Race. Player’s must play in 4 of the 8 Bullfrog Tournaments to be eligible. Player’s will be awarded points on a point system outlined by Dunlop and the USTA based on their result.

In case of a tie, the same procedure for determining a winner for the D-Squad Point’s Race will be used (see above).

* It is the responsibility of each player to determine if their acceptance of these prizes violates any other regulations including high school and collegiate.


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