Public Facility Assistance Program

USTA Public Facility Assistance Form
The first step to receive assistance is to fill out a USTA Public Facility Assistance Form, which can be downloaded here.

Painting permanent QuickStart tennis lines at your facility is the next step in creating permanency for the format that will change the face of youth tennis in America. USTA Southern wants to partner with your community to help you accomplish this common goal, and grow the format to its fullest. To qualify for this grant, please download and complete the USTA Public Facility Assistance Form.

Once this form is completed, your community will be assigned a National Project Manager who will contact you within 30 days of submission and help guide you through advocacy, technical and funding options for your project. In many cases, you will also be assigned a Southern Advocacy Consultant to help with this process. Filling out this form is the only way a community is eligible for USTA Public Facility Funding. A review of the process can be viewed here.