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Click below to view the 29-page 
"Making Tennis Matter: A USTA Southern Facility Toolkit," updated
July 2019. File is 35MB.

Download the toolkit.


The USTA Southern Advocacy effort is aimed at connecting the passion of USTA members and the larger tennis community with the public policy needs of the communities in which they live. We know that tennis is a sport that can change lives and improve communities, and this website is just one of the tools USTA Southern has developed to help make that happen.

Your USTA Southern tennis service representatives (TSRs) can help communities turn dreams into reality with the help of the USTA Public Facility Assistance program and the USTA Southern Build It Forward grant. Whether you're trying to figure out how to advocate for tennis in your parks, schools or on a college campus, there is help for everyone.

USTA Public Facility Assistance
Are you looking for assistance with the maintenance or construction of tennis courts? Just follow these simple steps to get started! If you want a printed version of these steps, click here.

STEP 1: Complete and submit an on-line Facility Assistance Form to notify the USTA of your project timeline and needs. This form is available at www.usta.com/facilities. A successfully submitted form will generate an automatic e-mail notification of submission. This form can be completed at any point during the year.

STEP 2: You will be contacted by a USTA representative within 10 business days of submitting your Facility Assistance Form.

Get support for up to 100% of your line-painting costs

10 and Under Tennis is exploding in USTA Southern! Painting permanent lines at your facility is the next step toward building and supporting a format that will change the face of youth tennis in America. The USTA now requires that all 8 and Under sanctioned tournament play and USTA Junior Team Tennis (JTT) must take place on 36' courts. All 10 and Under Tennis sanctioned tournament play and USTA Junior Team Tennis must take place on 60'courts.

Download the USTA flyer supporting line painting, release July 2018.


Alabama Kevin Theos theos@sta.usta.com
Arkansas Chris Stuart stuart@sta.usta.com
Georgia (Northeast)
Georgia (Northwest, Southern)
Bill Dopp
Mark Suiter
Kentucky Tim McCollum mccollum@ustaky.com
Louisiana Bill Phillips phillips@sta.usta.com
Mississippi Emillia Viljoen viljoen@sta.usta.com
North Carolina TBD  
South Carolina Kelly Hesketh hesketh@sta.usta.com
Tennessee Claire Bartlett bartlett@sta.usta.com
Hispanic Outreach/Net Generation Allan Jensen jensen@sta.usta.com
USTA Southern Community
Development Committee Member
Robin Jones rjonesusta@gmail.com
USTA Southern Director of 
Diversity NJTL & Grants
Cee Jai Jones jones@sta.usta.com

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