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Adopt-A-Court Grant Information


Sponsored by:

Next Round of Deadlines:

Application Deadline Review Date
February 29 March 11
March 31 April 8
April 30 May 13
May 31 June 10

Print a copy of the Application

The USTA Adopt-a-court program was initiated by the Technical Committee in 1999 to financially assist public tennis facilities in repairing and upgrading existing tennis courts. Because of the tremendous success of the Adopt-a court program, the USTA has recognized the continued need to support this type of endeavor and has increased its 2003 funding of the program to $250,000. In 2002, DecoTurf Systems signed an agreement with the USTA to support the Adopt-a-Court program and is now "the official court surface sponsor." In 2003, $90,000 in grants were awarded to USTA Southern Section sites.

Grants shall be used for repair and/or upgrading existing tennis courts, court equipment and amenities, and shall include new construction limited to improvement or relocation of existing courts.

Applicants must meet all criteria and submit a completed Adopt-a-Court application. Incomplete or revised applications will not be accepted.

Thank you for your interest in the USTA Adopt-a-Court Program. The program is designed to provide a safe, properly constructed and functional facility including court amenities (i.e. shade areas, water fountains, backboards, ball machines, lighting, etc.)

All applications must comply with the criteria set forth. Applications are not necessarily approved by the Committee, or may not be approved for the amount requested.

Adopt-a-Court - Facility Criteria

  • Public tennis facilities may request grants up to $2,500 from the USTA National office (USTA Southern Section matches the National grant dollar for dollar.
  • The existing facility shall be available to the public and shall be primarily maintained by public funds.
  • The facility requests shall include repair and/or upgrading of existing tennis courts, court equipment and amenities, and shall include new construction limited to additions or relocation of existing courts.
  • The facility will be a member in good standing of the USTA and will agree to hold USTA functions and/or tournaments as part of its on-going program.
  • The facility agrees, if requested, to disclose or provide information regarding all usage fees prior to grant assistance.
  • Funding will be granted only after completion of the Adopt-a-Court Application and determination by the USTA Adopt-A-Court Committee that the facility complies with the stated criteria. Incomplete or revised applications will not be accepted.
  • Acceptance of the grant is a commitment to the USTA by the facility to promote the game of tennis. The facility will comply with the following:
  • Offer a program for a minimum of two years to develop new tennis players by providing clinics, either at no cost or at a nominal fee to the public.
  • Comply with all applicable A.D.A. requirements.
  • Provide a safe, properly constructed and functional facility including other amenities (i.e. shade areas, water fountains, backboards, ball machines, lighting, etc.) to make the game of tennis more enjoyable and to encourage the growth of tennis.
  • Provide photos of facility and documentation of publicity after renovations, as well as information regarding new tennis programs, increased number of players, etc.

Adopt-a-Court: Application Process

The contact for DecoTurf in the USTA Southern Section is Ron Melvin - 706-295-3850. Please get in touch with him first for the Deco Proforma.

Acquire at least 2 bids from contractors/manufacturers.

Complete USTA Adopt-A-Court application - incomplete or revised forms could result in the application being returned.

Be sure to include pictures of the facility with your application.

Forward all materials to:
USTA Southern Section
c/o Sandy Hastings
3850 Holcomb Bridge Rd., Suite 305
Norcross, GA 30092

Section Office will forward only signed and completed applications to USTA National office for review. National contact info is below:

Adopt-a-Court / Shannon Hatton
70 West Red Oak Lane
White Plains, NY 10604

USTA Adopt-a-Court committee reviews applications based on USTA Section recommendations. All involved parties are notified of grant status immediately following review.

Grant checks are distributed through the USTA Southern Section office within six weeks of decision. The Adopt-a-Court grant applications are accepted on a year round basis. This information will be updated as new Review Dates are scheduled.


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