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Community Tennis Tab Gen test

Duplicate news stories. - To be fixed this morning with a new code rollout. Incorrect SQL statements were identified, removed, and rewrote for this problem.

Table Generator - Changes have been made to the Table Generator to allow widths to be set for tables, and to have text wrapping around them. The changes made a few weeks

ago proved to be problematic whenever the width of the table was set to 100% of the available size. We have now changed the workflow so that the overall width of the table is set when it is dropped into a page, rather than when it is constructed. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the multiple changes in this area.

It is now necessary to specify widths in percentage and not pixel values. The Table Generator interface has been changed to reflect this. Also, when you select a cell within the table and then click on the width box, the whole column will become highlighted as the width will logically apply to the entire column.

When you drop your table into an article a Pop-up Table Properties window will open. Within this you can set the width of the table. If you choose 100% from the options then you must choose the Table Alignment None option. If you specify a percentage value then you can choose from the full range of alignments. Specifying the width of the table as a pixel value is not recommended, as it is impossible for the system to predict how the table wrapping option will work.

If you would like to edit your table width at a later time, then just click on the table icon within the story to relaunch the pop-up.

Modular Homepage Tool - GIF MediaWorld items are not appearing correctly in the CMS. This will be fixed this morning.

Sportsticker- Sportsticker articles are currently pointing to live database. These articles can be used on throughout the USTA site now. I need to confirm a couple of things

with Mark Peterson about this (syndication, what part of SPS are the articles dumping into, etc..). I will get this information and provide you with a clearer update shortly.

District/CTA Publishing Tool (Publishing In The Future.) - We will add this functionality next week, and aim for a Thursday rollout

District/CTA Publishing Tool (Ordering custom pages in the drop-down menu.) We will add this functionality next week, and aim for a Thursday rollout.

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