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After-School Intermediary Partnerships and the USTA

USTA Background Information
The USTA is dedicated to improving the lives of young people and views the out-of-school time as critical for our success. We firmly believe that by growing the number of youth who have access to tennis and education programs after school and during school vacations, we will grow our sport and help address many of the epidemics facing children today. Childhood obesity, diabetes, drugs and crime can all be alleviated through quality out-of-school time programming that takes into consideration the whole child and their relation to the family and their community.

The USTA’s National Junior Tennis League (NJTL), founded by Arthur Ashe in 1969, instills in kids and young adults more than just tennis. NJTL focuses on life skills, character development, tutoring, mentoring, nutrition counseling, and more. Our network of over 500 chapters spans the nation and includes at least one chapter in 46 of the 50 largest markets in the United States, including Puerto Rico and British Columbia. While we specialize in large urban markets, many chapters operate in suburbs and rural areas. In all, 69% of the 200,000 youth we reach annually are from multicultural backgrounds.

USTA Partnerships with After-School Intermediaries
In a partnership that developed in late 2006, the USTA has struck partnerships with two leading after-school intermediary organizations as the first two in what is being dubbed our “Intermediary Strategy.” The strategy draws from the past experience of Barry Ford, Director of Outreach and Advocacy, who was previously at The After-School Corporation (TASC) in New York City, NY. The partnerships rely on NJTL chapters to provide programming at middle and elementary schools city or county-wide where there are strong intermediary organizations and strong NJTL chapters already in place. The power of this initiative is that the USTA is cultivating the local partnership to support and sustain the growth of our NJTL chapter network. The USTA brings valuable resources to the partnership including quality providers with capacity to reach a number of schools city-wide, technical assistance, training, discounted equipment, and in some cases, temporary cash investments.
In most cases where the USTA makes a cash investment, the local intermediary matches USTA funding one-to-one. Because of the relationships formed, our chapters benefit from long-term sustainable support for their school-based programming. Thus, we feel we are achieving success with a triple bottom line—children benefit from a lifetime sport, our NJTL chapter network is strengthened, and non-USTA funds are raised to promote and develop the sport of tennis.

Providence After-School Alliance (PASA). Providence, RI
A press event on March 15 drew the Mayor, the USTA President, and coverage in local print media and TV news coverage.
• 4 NJTL chapters providing tennis programming at 9 new sites across the city 28 weeks/year
• Cash, training, technical assistance, and equipment provided by USTA for 3 years
• After three years, no USTA investment and PASA will maintain support

Cooperative for After-School Enrichment (CASE). Houston, TX
• CASE matching USTA investment 1:1 -- $180,000 of non-USTA money supporting the
growth of tennis
• 2 NJTL chapters providing tennis programming at 20 new sites in 2007
• 40 new sites in 2008
• 60 new sites in 2009
• Cash, training, technical assistance, and equipment provided by USTA for 3 years
• After three years, no USTA investment and CASE will maintain support

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