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Special Populations


USTA Special Populations - Tennis is a sport without boundaries. Yes, there are lines on the court, but they aren't there to exclude anyone, regardless of disability.

USTA Tennis Special Populations recognizes four main categories of differently-abled players:

  • Developmentally disabled (learning disabilities, autism, Down's Syndrome, mental retardation)

  • Physically disabled (birth defects, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, muscular dystrophy, etc.)

  • Consumers of mental health services (psychiatrically disabled, emotionally disturbed)

  • At risk/environmentally disabled (substance abusers, mentally and physically abused, homeless, HIV positive individuals, persons within the juvenile justice system, etc.)


For each of these groups, USTA Tennis Special Populations supports adaptive tennis programs, providing grant money, equipment and resources for specifically-tailored programs that provide fun, fitness and a positive social experience for participants. Regional clinics and instructional programs are held throughout the country, often in conjunction with agencies devoted to serving special populations within the respective communities. The enjoyment, physical well-being and contact shared by participants has proven to be positive sources of self-esteem, helping open doors to a more positive lifestyle.


Alabama Elaine Francis 205-328-3984
Arkansas Donna Ibbotson 501-227-7611
Georgia Elaine Hamilton 404-256-9543
Kentucky Julie Pek 502-491-1290
Louisiana Laura Beauregard 225-925-3358
Mississippi Sandra Irby 601-981-4421
North Carolina Amy Thomas 336-852-8577
South Carolina Graham Cox 803-781-2574
USTA Southern Section Yasmine Osborn 770-368-8200
Calendar of events

Jun 7th 9th Handi-Racquet Tournament Boston, MA

Jul 21st Project Inclusion Coaches’ Clinic Columbia, SC

Sep 23rd Oct 21st Special Pops Fall Tennis League (Saturdays) Norcross, GA

Sep 28th 29th Project Inclusion Coaches’ Clinic Greensboro, NC

Oct 9th Project Inclusion Coaches’ Clinic Dothan, AL

Oct 10th 11th Dothan Tennis Tournament Dothan, AL

Nov 2nd Project Inclusion Coaches’ Summit Norcross, GA

Nov 3rd – 4th 2nd Annual Fall Classic Tennis Tournament Norcross, GA

Jan 2008 Boar’s Head Tennis Tournament Charlottesville, VA


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