2009 Marketing Committees

Marketing Committee
The USTA Southern Marketing Committee is responsible for developing a plan to maximize the promotion of USTA Southern programs and increase sponsor and other revenue opportunities within the Section.
Andy Andrews – Chairman
Marcy Hirshberg – Vice Chairman
John Liles – OL
Leslie Pfeiffer
William Bussey
Manuel Guillen
Jaime Kaplan
Johan Kjellsten
Kai Nitsche
Mark Rogers
Vincent Rountree
Bill Oakes – Staff Coordinator

Public Relations Committee
The USTA Southern Section Public Relations Committee is responsible for: 1) coordination of all matters relating to public relations; 2) liaison with the National Committee and the USTA staff in public relations and communications matters; 3) working with the States and Community Tennis Associations in developing an awareness of tennis and USTA activities in the Southern Section and; 4) helping to develop the USTA Southern Annual Meeting as a tool to disseminate information about tennis and the USTA in the Southeast; 5) Through the Awards and Publications subcommittees, select and make recommendations to the USTA Southern Executive Committee.
Pat Guerry – Chairman
Pat Devoto – Vice Chairman
John Liles – OL
Jane Gamble
Pam Hymer
Robin Jones
Eleanora Mauritson
Mark McMahon
Bob Moran
Terri Wiley
Ron Cioffi – Staff Coordinator

Awards Subcommittee
Responsible for administering the awards process and ceremony.
Eleanora Mauritson – Chair
Pat Devoto
Sam Hicks
Matt Olson
Gina Marano – Staff Coordinator

Publications Subcommittee
Responsible for studying the most effective ways to publish information to our members and potential members.
Pat Devoto – Chair
Jim Brown
Louis Peters
Ron Cioffi – Staff Coordinator

Tennis Professionals Committee
The USTA Southern Tennis Professional Relations Committee is responsible for maximizing the coordination and communication with certified Southern professionals to aid in their delivery of tennis.
David Dvorak – Chairman
Dan Santorum – Vice Chairman
John Liles – OL
Jorge Andrew
Fred Burdick
Jeff Hawes
Teri Hennessy
Mike Hurley
Julie Jilly
Pat Whitworth
Bill Ozaki/Sandy Hastings – Staff Coordinators

Tennis Innovations Subcommittee
Charged with developing new ideas and testing new concepts to further the mission.
Teri Hennessy – Chair
Don Gordon
Greg Grover
David Honeycutt
Scott Laakso