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2007 Administrative Division Committees


Finance & Budget Review Committee
Mac MacDougal - Chairman
Peter Koury - Vice Chairman
John Callen
Kelly Gaines
Mike Hurley
John Peddycord
Staff Coordinator – John Callen

Grievance Committee
The USTA Southern Section Grievance Committee is responsible for 1) duties of the Grievance Committee as set forth in the By-Laws including the enforcement of the Standards of Conduct and the USTA Southern Section Rules and Regulations; and 2) investigation of all complaints and conducting hearings, etc.

Gaines Dyer - Chairman
Tom Brewer - Vice Chairman

Beth Hopkins
Helen Jeter - BL
Staff Coordinator – Winky Olson

Constitution & Rules Committee
The USTA Southern Section Constitution and Rules Committee is responsible for 1) advising USTA Southern Section on all legal matters; 2) safekeeping of original Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Rules, and all Amendments, changes, deletions thereof; and 3) obtaining and maintaining (at the USTA Southern Section office) the Constitution, Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws of each State Association, the Southern Tennis Patrons Foundation (STPF) and all State Patrons Foundations.

Beth Hopkins - Chairman
Whit Rayner
Helen Jeter - BL
Staff Coordinator – Winky Olson

Investments Committee
The USTA Southern Section Investments Committee is responsible for overseeing the investments of the association and for making recommendations to the Executive Committee on financial matters.

John Peddycord - Chairman
Huey Townsend- Vice Chairman
John Herring
Peter Moore
Harold Southern
Rex Maynard - BL
Staff Coordinator – John Callen

Information Technology Committee
The USTA Southern Section Information Technology Committee is responsible for the development of a plan to utilize current technologies to improve communications and to better serve USTA members in the South.

Samir Mahir - Chairman
Rudy Lewis - Vice Chairman
John Harne
Huey Townsend
Helen Jeter - BL
Staff Coordinator - Hal Regi

Nominating Committee
Jeff Gray - Chairman
Henry Hostetler
Mike Hurley
Judi Miller
Bobby Walker
Rex Maynard - BL

Legal Counsel
Cheri Grosvenor

Insurance Advisor
Walt Kutch

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