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2007 Adult Player Division Committees


Adult/Senior Recreation Committee
The USTA Southern Section Adult/Senior Recreation Committee is responsible for overseeing the effort to promote and develop the growth of tennis in the USTA Southern Section through the implementation of USA Team Tennis for adults.

John Liles - Chairman
Kim Meeker - Vice Chairman
Jorge Andrew
Joe Goodrow
Leslie Jackson
Laura Loftis
Matt Olson
Judith Petty
Eddie Gonzalez - BL
Staff Coordinators - Holly Goddard & Dene Owen

          Adult Team Tennis Subcommittee

          Laura Loftis - Chair
          Leslie Jackson
          Gloria Wallace
          Staff Coordinator - Becky McPhee

          Corporate Team Tennis Advisor

          Lindagarde Dalton
          Matt Olson
          Staff Coordinator - Becky McPhee

          Cardio Tennis Subcommittee

          Jorge Andrew - Chair
          Susannah Cook
          Tracey Schaefer
          Staff Coordinator - Dene Owen

Collegiate Team Tennis Committee
The Collegiate Team Tennis Committee oversees the Campus Recreation Programs, including P.E. Class Intramurals, Sport Club Teams and Recreation Dept. Programs.

Joe Fleenor - Chairman
Jim Russell - Vice Chairman
Nomi Cosby
Matt Hill
Susie Honeycutt
Peter Howell
Tracy Schaefer
Mike Vandegrift
Eddie Gonzalez - BL
Staff Coordinator – Jeff Smith

Adult Competition Committee
The USTA Southern Section Adult Competition Committee is responsible for 1) studying all adult activities and making recommendations on all policies relating to adult competitive tennis; 2) development of uniform guidelines for ranking adult players; 3) solicitation of sites for USTA and USTA Southern Section Adult Championships, with recommendations from the Sanction and Schedule Subcommittee; 4) coordination and promotion of all matters pertaining to senior competitive tennis; 5) coordination of the Southern Sr. Cup Team Championships; 6) coordination of Intersectional play; 7) determine enhancements for Southern Championships.

Vicki Everette - Chairman
Steve Duffel - Vice Chairman
Roy Barth
David Honeycutt
Kim McMillon
Garnett Scott
John Sheffield
Mildred Southern
Eddie Gonzalea - BL
Staff Coordinators - Holly Goddard & Dene Owen

Adult Sanction & Schedule Subcommittee

Roy Barth - Chair
Wayne Bono
John Dotson
Peter Howell
Mildred Southern
Staff Coordinator - Sandy Hastings

Men's Intersectional Subcommittee

Steve Duffel - Chair
Fred Robinson
Staff Coordinators - Holly Goddard & Dene Owen

Women's Intersectional Subcommittee

Vicki Everette - Chair
Rita Anderson
Staff Coordinators - Holly Goddard & Dene Owen

Senior Cup Subcommittee

Vicki Everette - Chair
Gaines Dyer
Barbara Johnson
Judy Levering
CIndy Sturdivant
Staff Coordinators - Holly Goddard & Dene Owen

Wheelchair Committee
The USTA Southern Section Wheelchair Committee is responsible for overseeing the effort to promote growth in all of wheelchair tennis, including but not limited to the following: 1) Sanctioning of wheelchair tournaments; 2) Setting up instructional wheelchair workshops; 3) Rankings; 4) Certifying professional wheelchair instructors; 5) Developing wheelchair tennis at the collegiate level; and 6) Overseeing an inclusive player database throughout the section.

Jeanie Peabody - Chairman
David Hartsek - Vice Chairman
Camille Burkley
Sampson Cotton
John Ershek
Julie Jilly
Harriette Lynch
Robbie Sullivan
Eddie Gonzalez - BL
Staff Coordinator - Yasmin Osborn

Adult Leagues Committee
The USTA Southern Section Adult League Committee is responsible for the organization and administration of Adult League Tennis Programs throughout the Section.

Bud Spencer - Chairman
Bonnie Vandegrift - Vice Chairman
Donna Bailey
Jerry Groce
Dodie Hanchett
Henry Hostetler 
Helen Martin
Bee Stewart
Brenda WItt
Paula Hale - BL 
Staff Coordinators – Holly Goddard & Dene Owen

Sectional Championships Subcommittee

Dodie Hanchett - Chair
Carl Brutkiewicz
Ron Charron
Steve Grooms
Teri Hennessy
Barbara Hooper
Terri Wiley
Staff Coordinators – Holly Goddard & Dene Owen

NTRP Oversight Subcommittee

 Phil Meador - Chair
 Mitch Goodwin
 Debbie Swindoll
 Staff Coordinators - Holly Goddard & Dene Owen

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