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Fast4 Championships Championships & Local Tournaments


USTA Southern is proud to offer an exciting format to short sets format known as Fast4 Tennis. The alternative format focuses on a few simple rules:

  1. The first to four games wins the set
  2. No-ad scoring is used
  3. Service lets are played
  4. First-to-five-point tiebreakers apply at 3 games all

Fast4 format gives players more matches in less time, allows tournaments to take only one or two days, and players have loved the exciting fast pace of the matches. As a section Southern offers two lengths of events:

Local Fast4 Events
This style is a single day/evening event that will feature round robin play. It is designed as the name mentions to be aimed at the local area players and present an opportunity to come together as a community.

Aug. 15; Holly Tree Adult Fast4 Championships; 704144020; Simpsonville, SC
Sept. 12: Southern Fast4 Sportsclub Member Championships (Sportsclub Members Only); 700130920; Greenville, SC
Sept. 12: IHCC Fast4 Mixed Doubles; 700131520; Tuscaloosa, AL
Sept. 12: Charlotte Amateur Tennis Championship Open and Fast4; 700125020; Charlotte, NC
Sept. 19: Fast4 Fall Adult Tournament; 700131220; Chattanooga, TN
Oct. 3: Charity Classic Tennis Tournament (Fast4); 700134520; Kitty Hawk, NC

Oct. 3: Ben Geren Adult Combo Fast4; 700108920; Fort Smith, AR
Oct. 15; Make A Racket for the Kids Fast4; 700138120; Jackson, MS
Oct. 17; Auburn Fast4 Ladder Tournament - Ladies; 704144020; Auburn, AL
Oct. 18: Sunday Funday Fast4 in Rock Hill; 700118121; Rock Hill, SC
Oct. 31; City of Sevierville Halloween Fast4; 700139220; Sevierville, TN
Nov. 7: Light Up Doty Park Charity Fast4 Tournament; 700133420; Summerville, SC
Nov. 7: YMCA Fast4 One Day Tournament #2; 700135620; Baton Rouge, LA
Nov. 7; Auburn Fast4 Ladder Tournament - Men; 700135520; Auburn, AL
Nov. 7; Mt. Tabor High School Fast4; Winston-Salem, NC
Nov. 7; Blakeney Racquet & Swim Club Fast4; Charlotte, NC
Nov. 14; Lake Cyrus Fast4 Fall Championships; 700137720; Hoover, AL
Nov. 14; Colonial Fast4 Tournament (Moved from Oct. 24); 700136720; Cordova, TN
Nov. 14; 2020 Augusta Fast4; 700139420; Martinez, GA
Nov. 21: WATA Member Appreciation Fast4; 700092420; Fort Smith, AR
Nov. 21; Fast4 Turkey Trot; 700134920; Columbus, GA
Nov. 21; Fast4 Family Tournament; 700138020; Little Rock, AR
Nov. 21: Lost Mountain Fast4 Thanksgiving Championship; 700140320; Powder Springs, GA
Nov. 29; Turkey Bowl Fast4 Singles Championship; 700156719; Louisville, KY
Dec. 5; Brookstone One Day Carolina Integrative Medicine's Fast4 Showdown; 700034420; Anderson, SC

Dec. 5; Bayou Bluff Club Championship; 700136120; Gulfport, MS
Dec. 5; Lake Cyrus Fast4 Holiday Championships; 700137721; Hoover, AL

Dec. 12: YMCA Fast4 One Day Tournament #1; 700135120; Baton Rouge, LA
Dec. 12: Fast4 Toy Tournament – Adult; 700140220; Columbus, GA
Dec. 13: Matrix Fast4; 700139920; Lowell, AR
Dec. 13: "Fast4 Freeze Your Fanny Off for HUB"; 700108620; Jonesboro, AR

Dec. 19; Sportsplex Holiday Team Up Adult Doubles Tournament; 700155419; Laurel, MS

NTRP Fast4 National Qualifers
Every year, USTA Southern hosts four championships in this exciting format in two age levels: 18 & over and 50 & over. By using the innovative Fast4 format, the NTRP Qualifiers have become the fastest growing Southern championships. They utilize NTRP Ratings with divisions 3.0-5.0 for Men and Women in both age groups (except the 50+ 5.0 division). Champions will receive 300 STA points towards their Southern ranking and winners get their hands on the "golden ticket" to the nationals in the following spring. 

The NTRP National Champions are crowned in men’s and women’s singles and doubles at the 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 levels in both 18 & over and 50 & over age groups, as well as at the 5.0 level in the 18 & over division. 

The USTA will combine 2019 and 2020 qualifiers and expand the draw in 2021 to provide fair opportunities to all USTA Sections and players. Click here for the schedule and more information on the national championships.

The 2020 Southern NTRP Fast4 Qualifier Championships are:

For more information on Fast4 and the NTRP Southern Qualifying Championships, contact USTA Southern Manager, Adult Tournaments & Social Play Tom Burnham.

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