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2020 Southern Adult/Senior Competition Championship Schedule


Here are the latest updates due to the COVID-19 pandemic: All Category 1 and Super Category 2 National Adult Tournaments with an ITF status, all ITF Junior events, all Adults Category 2 and Category 3 tournaments, all Wheelchair L1 - L3 events, and all USTA Pro Circuit events will align with the same calendar as the ITF and be suspended through July 31. The ATP has also suspended events through July 31, while the WTA has suspended select events in July. In addition, the USTA has made the decision, separately, to cancel the 2020 National Junior Clay Court Championships scheduled for July 11-19, and which would have taken place in seven cities across three states.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the USTA has decided to suspend all USTA-sanctioned events through May 31. Please click here for more information.


(300 STA unless otherwise noted)



Jan 30 –
Feb 2


ID# 700078820

Southern Indoor Open/

Southeastern Indoor Championships

 MW(35-85)sd,FMLC; X(45-65)d,FMLC; MW(Op)s; MWX(Op)d

Asheville RC South

Asheville, NC

Jeff Wilson; (828) 719-1599

Dottie Mattern

(305) 719-1599

Feb 21-23


ID# 704201020

2020 Southern NTRP Indoor Open



Greater Knoxville Tennis Association Knoxville, TN

Nancy Vineyard; (865)-603-0848

Isabelle B. Snyder (865)-599-1013

Mar 17-22


ID# 700046020

Cajun Classic Wheelchair Tennis Tournament

Baton Rouge Wheelchair Tennis

Baton Rouge, LA

Jennifer Edmonson; (225) 939-4086

Scott R. Elbin


Apr 29 -
May 3


ID# 700088420

Southern Adult Clay Open East

MW(35-85)sd, FICQ

Jekyll Island Tennis Center

Jekyll Island, GA

Stewart Atkins; (912) 635-3154

Cheryl Helton

(229) 308-0738

Apr 29 -
May 3


ID# 703810120

Southern Men’s Clay Open West

M(35-85)s,FICQ; M(35-85)d,FMLC; FS(0)d,FMLC

River Hills Club

Jackson, MS

Dave Randall; (601) 927-1030

Dale Williamson

(601) 362-8380


Jun 10-14


ID# 700118720

$$ 2020 Atlanta City Open $$ Southern Championships

MW(O)sd,MFIC; MW(25-50)sd,MFIC; MW(55-75)sd, MFIC; NMW(3.0-4.5)s,MFIC;


Life Time Fitness

Peachtree Corners

Turhan Berne; (678) 283-2739

Tatia Neal

(770) 605-8827

Jun 27-28


ID# 700074320

Southern NTRP Fast4 National Qualifier #1



Arkansas Tennis Association

Little Rock, AR

Kord Stuffelbeam; (501) 227-7611

Deanna Garretson

(501) 681-1934

July 11-12


ID# 700118120

Southern NTRP Fast4 National Qualifier #2



Rock Hill Tennis Center

Rock Hill, SC

Teodora Doncheva; (803) 326-3842


Aug 1-2


ID# 700088920

Southern NTRP Fast4 National Qualifier #3



Life Time Fitness

Peachtree Corners

Turhan Berne; (678) 283-2739

Tatia Neal

(770) 605-8827

Sept 17-20



Southern PTR $22,000 Wheelchair Chmps

Hilton Head Island, SC

Julie Jilly

(843) 785-7244

Meg Farrelly

(843) 785-7244

Sept 25-27


ID# 700116520

Southern High Stakes Shootout NTRP Hard Court Championships

MW(Op)s,FICQ; MW(Op)d,FMLC; NMW(2.5-5.0)sd,FICQ

Burns Park Tennis

North Little Rock, AR

Brandon Kiker; (501) 672-9005

Chip Steams

(501) 247-9792

Oct 23-25


ID# 703422920

Southern NTRP Clay Court Championships  NMW(Op,2.5-4.5)sd,FMLC;



Columbus, GA

Linda Gordon; (706) 317-4136

Adam Centerbar


Oct 31 –
Nov 1


ID# 700073720

Southern NTRP Fast4 National Qualifier #4



Pelham Racquet Club


Chaney Mills; (205) 222-7382


Nov 14-15


ID# 700120520

Southern Senior/Family Doubles Sectional Championships (FD-STA 400)

MW(35-85)d,RR; HW(Op,100,120,140)d, RR; FS(Op,Sr)d,RR; FD(Op,Sr)d,RR; MS(Op,Sr)d,RR; MD(Op,Sr)d,RR

Cayce Tennis Center

Cayce, SC

Miranda Unthank; (803) 227-3030

Lee Ward

(803) 227-3030

Nov 19-22



ID# 700118620

Southern “Best of the Best” Senior Clay Court Closed $$$

(STA 400 PT)

M(30-90)sd,SE; W(30-85)sd,SE; X(30-85)d,SE;

Kiawah Island Resort

1 Sanctuary Beach Drive

Kiawah Island, SC 29455

Jonathan Barth; 843-768-6028




*4 Regional Fast4 Sectional Championships (300 STA) to be added to calendar by early Spring (slated for Summer/Fall timeframe).These 4 events are qualifiers for the NTRP National Championships.

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