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2019 Southern Adult/Senior Competition Championship Schedule

Download schedule as a pdf file.


2019 DATES

EVENT (300 STA unless otherwise noted)



Jan 2-5


ID# 700055119

Southern Sr M&W Winter Indoor Open

MW(30-95)sd,FICQ; X(30-95)d,FICQ

Currey TC – Vanderbilt University

Nashville, TN

Benny Jones; (615) 330-1582

Donald R. King 615-545-1532

February 22-24


ID# 704201019

Southern GKTA Kick-Off Classic

NMW (2.5-5.0)sd,FMLC; S50NMW(3.0-4.5)d,FMLC

Greater Knoxville Tennis Association Knoxville, TN

Nancy Vineyard; (865)-603-0848

Isabelle B. Snyder (865)-599-1013

March 15-17


ID# 703422919

Southern NTRP Clay Court Championships NMW(Op,2.5-5.0)sd,FMLC;



Columbus, GA

Linda Gordon; (706) 317-4136

Adam Centerbar


Mar 19-24


ID# 700046019

Cajun Classic Wheelchair Tennis Tournament

Baton Rouge Wheelchair Tennis

Baton Rouge, LA

Jennifer Edmonson; (225) 939-4086

Scott R. Elbin


April 26-28


ID# 700075019

Southern NTRP Hard Court Championships

MW(Op)s,FICQ; MW(Op)d,FMLC; NMW(2.5-5.0)sd,FICQ

Rome Tennis Center at Berry College

Rome, GA

Thomas Daglis

(706) 236-4487

Mark Dodd


May 1-5


ID# 703810119

Southern Senior Men’s Clay Court Open

M(35-85)s,FICQ; M(35-85)d,FMLC; FS(0)d,FMLC

River Hills Club

Jackson, MS

Dave Randall; (601) 927-1030

Dale Williamson 601-362-8380

Level II National

June 12-17


ID# 700118719

Southern $$ Atlanta City Open $$

MW(O)sd,SE; MW(25-50)sd,MFIC MW(55-75)sd, MFIC

Lifetime @ Peachtree Corners

Turhan Berne; (678) 283-2739

Tatia Neal

(770) 605-8827


Aug 23-25

ID# 700127819

Southern Senior/Family Doubles Sectional Championships (FD-STA 400)

MW(35-85)d,RR; HW(Op,100,120,140)d, RR; FS(Op,Sr)d,RR; FD(Op,Sr)d,RR; MS(Op,Sr)d,RR; MD(Op,Sr)d,RR


Brevard Racquet Club

Brevard, NC

Josh Vandegrift; (828) 384-8214


Kenny Martin

(910) 262-4511

Sept 19-22

ID# 700104719

Southern PTR $22,000

Wheelchair Chmps

Hilton Head Island, SC

Julie Jilly

(843) 785-7244

Meg Farrelly

(843) 785-7244


Oct 25-27

ID# 700025519

Southern “Best of the Best” Senior Clay Court Closed $$$

(STA 400 PT)

M(30-90)sd,SE; W(30-85)sd,SE; X(30-85)d,SE; 

Kiawah Island Resort

1 Sanctuary Beach Drive

Kiawah Island, SC 29455

Jonathan Barth; 843-768-6028

Carey Washington



January – June tentative schedule

*4 Regional Fast4 Sectional Championships (300 STA) to be added to calendar by early Spring (slated for Summer/Fall timeframe). These 4 events are qualifiers for the NTRP National Championships.

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