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2018 Southern Adult/Senior Competition Championship Schedule

Download schedule as a pdf file.


2018 DATES

EVENT (300 STA unless otherwise noted)



Jan 2-5


ID# 700018418

Southern Sr M&W Winter Indoor Open

MW(30-95)sd,FICQ; X(30-95)d,FICQ

Currey TC – Vanderbilt University

Nashville, TN

Benny Jones; (615) 330-1582

Ron  McKinney 615-594-6528

Mar 21-25


ID# 700016818

Spring USTA Southern Cajun Classic Wheelchair Championships

Baton Rouge Wheelchair Tennis

Baton Rouge, LA

Jennifer Edmonson; (225) 939-4086

Scott R. Elbin


April 27-29


ID# 700029618

Southern NTRP Hard Court Championships

MW(Op)s,FICQ; MW(Op)d,FMLC; NMW(2.5-5.0)sd,FICQ

Rome Tennis Center at Berry College

Rome, GA

Thomas Daglis; (706) 236-4487

Mark  Dodd


May 2-6


ID# 703810118

Southern Sr M&W Clay Court Open Champs.

MW(35-85)sd, MXD(35,45,55,65)d, FS(O)d,


River Hills Club

Jackson, MS

Dave Randall; (601) 927-1030

Jim Rheay


Level II National

May 17-20


ID# 700133218

Southern Senior Hardcourt Open

MW(Op,35-85)sd,FICQ; X(Op,35-85)d,FICQ

Fairhope, AL

Tomas Catar; (334) 590-4484

Tim M Robinson 251-680-2228

Jun 29 – Jul 1


ID# 700011818

Southern NTRP Indoor Championships

NMW(3.0-5.0)sd,FMLC; NX(2.5-5.0)d,FMLC

Louisville Indoor Racquet Club

Louisville, KY

Tommy Leist; (502) 426-2454

Steve Rueff

(502) 426-2454

July 25-29


ID# 703422918

Southern NTRP Clay Court Championships

M(3.0-5.0)sd, W(2.5-5.0)sd


Columbus, GA

Cissy Sanders; (706) 317-4136

Adam Centerbar


Sept 21-23



ID# 700056618

Prestwick Southern NTRP & Family Champs

MW(2.5-4.5)sd, Combo MXD(5.0,6.0,7.0,8.0)d, FS(O)d, MD(O)d,

MS(O)d, Sr. FS(O)d, Sr MD

Prestwick Tennis Club

1375 McMaster Drive

Myrtle Beach, SC 29575

Jimmy Mendieta: 678-429-1442

Susie Honeycutt


Sept 20-23


ID# 700104718

Southern PTR $18,000 Wheelchair Chmps

Hilton Head Island, SC

Julie Jilly

(843) 785-7244

Meg Dixon

(843) 785-7244

Nov 1-4



ID #700060818

Southern Sr Clay Court Closed (STA 400)

MW(35-85) – Odd & Even

Kiawah Island Resort

1 Sanctuary Beach Drive

Kiawah Island, SC 29455

Jonathan Barth: 843-768-2121

Carey Washington


Dec 27-30


ID# 700059918

Southern Adult Indoor Open

MW(Op)s,MFIC; MW(Op)d,SE; X(Op)d,SE

The Racquet Club of Memphis

Memphis, TN

Daniel  Singer; (901) 496-9576

Donna Williams

(901) 624-5907


*4 Regional Fast4 Sectional Championships (300 STA) to be added to calendar by early Spring (slated for Summer/Fall timeframe). These events will also apply for a National Category III distinction.

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