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Tri-Level League FAQs

Tri-Level League is a USTA format designed to provide a unique team league opportunity to members by combining players of differing NTRP levels on teams in local and sectional competition. Tri-Level League is not regulated by USTA National League Regulations, but administered and regulated at the Section level; and currently does not include USTA National Championship advancement.
In lieu of a USTA National Championship, Tri-Level League teams have the opportunity to participate in a privately run Tri-Level championship tournament hosted by the Indian Well Tennis Garden and Tournament Director Tom Fey, known as the BNP Paribas Tri-Level Invitational Tournament. The BNP Paribas Tri-Level Invitational invites one Men’s and one Women’s Tri-Level team consisting of 3.5/4.0/4.5 NTRP skill levels from each of the USTA Sections to participate in a tournament held at the same time and location as the BNP Paribas Open and has become wildly popular among Tri-Level participants.
Q. Why do some sections have different rules and formats for Tri-Level local league competition?
A. The Tri-Level League to be administered at the Section level as a more recreational and less competitive venue for its participants. Therefore sections have the authority to adapt program regulations and format to fit their needs.
Q. I am a 3.0 and would like to participate in Tri-Level. My section does not include 3.0 but I hear that some sections do. Why is this?
A. Tri-Level League formats are determined at the Section level and vary from section to section based on the needs of their participants. Contact your Section League Coordinator Chris Walling for more information about your section’s format.
Q. Why doesn’t the USTA offer a National Championship for Tri-Level League?
A. The USTA designed Tri-Level League to be a local program offering an alternative play opportunity in a less competitive, more recreational atmosphere.
Q. Why are self-rated players allowed in Tri-Level League competition in their section, but not allowed to
participate at the BNP Paribas Tri-Level Invitational Tournament?
A. The BNP is a privately regulated event. USTA League regulations do not apply. Contact PNB
Tournament Director Tom Fey for more information.
Q. Why are the rules and format at the BNP Tri-Level Invitational Tournament different from USTA League National Championships?
A. Because the PNB is a privately offered tournament, USTA League Rules and Regulations do not apply. Rules and format are determined by the tournament director and may vary from year to year. For more information, contact Tournament Director Tom Fey.
Q. Why are some teams at the BNP Tri-Level Invitational Tournament required to advance through local league play and sectional championships in order to qualify, and others are hand selected by their sections?
A. The BNP is a privately offered tournament. Qualifying criteria for entry into the tournament are
determined by the tournament director. One reason could be that because not all Sections offer local league play, sections are given the option to enter a team at their discretion. For more information, contact Tournament Director Tom Fey.

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