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NTRP Appeals


Download Player Background History Form

This page is an overview of information on the four types of NTRP appeals.

Note: Self-rate appeals will not work on mobile phones and tablets of all manufactuers. There are also technical issues with self-rating on Macs, especially using Safari. If you're a Mac user, Chrome works in some instances.

Self-Rate Appeal (Down)

A player who self-rates and believes that the minimum rating assigned to him or her is too high is immediately offered the opportunity to appeal this rating. These appeals are reviewed by USTA Southern’s Self Rate Appeals Committee.

If you have already left the self-rate page on the national site, follow these instructions on how to appeal your assigned self-rating:

  1. Sign on to TennisLink (http://tennislink.usta.com/Leagues).
  2. Go to “Register for a Team.”
  3. Input your USTA # and FAKE team # (please get from your State League Coordinator, listed at bottom of this page).
  4. Attempt to register for the team.
  5. There will be an error message which states your rating is too high to register for team.
  6. Click on the link that says “Appeal Rating.”
  7. Complete the Online Self-Rate Assessment Form and submit.
  8. Decision from the Southern’s Self-Rate Appeals Committee will be sent to player (by e-mail).

Automated Appeal (Computer) or Self-Rate Appeal (Up)

All computer-rated (“C”) players and Mixed-Exclusive rated (“M”) players will have the opportunity to attempt an automated computer appeal of their year-end rating. If a player’s year-end rating is within the applicable range for an appeal down, the player will be allowed to appeal down. Players with a benchmark rating (“B”) will not have the opportunity to appeal.

Any self-rated player who wishes to appeal their rating UP may also follow these instructions.

Follow these instructions for appealing your “C” or “M” year-end rating:

  1. Sign on to TennisLink (http://tennislink.usta.com/Leagues)
  2. Log in to your TennisLink account (input USTA # and password). If you do not have an account, you can set one up which takes only a few minutes.
  3. Once logged in, click link at the top right side of “My Tennis Page” or search for your name by inputting USTA # in “Find NTRP Rating Information” and hit appeal button.
  4. It will ask you if you want to appeal up or down
  5. Confirm what you want and hit submit. The computer will tell you right away if your “C” or “M” year-end rating is within the applicable range for an appeal.

60+ Appeal

You will be granted an appeal of your NTRP rating if you meet the following requirements:

  • 60 years or older prior to or during his/her first local league match and are promoted
  • Has achieved the same rating level or lower for the last three most recent year-end ratings
  • Has not has his/her rating changed based on an appeal

Rule 2.05E(1) Any player who is 60 years of age or older prior to, or during, the calendar year in which such player plays his or her first local league match and has achieved the same rating level or lower for his or her three most recent year-end ratings, without benefit of appeal of the player’s year-end rating, will be granted an appeal if promoted.

This appeal must be submitted to the State League Coordinator. See below

Medical Appeal

A medical appeal is a formal, written request from a player for reconsideration of his/her NTRP Rating based on a permanent, disabling illness or injury that has occurred since the player generated the year-end or early-start NTRP Rating. USTA League Regulation 2.05D states, “If an intervening, permanently disabling injury or illness indicates that a player’s current computer rating may be too high, the player may request a medical appeal of such rating in accordance with NTRP Medical Appeal Procedures.”

Download the checklist by clicking here.

For the National Medical Appeal Form, click here.

For the Attending Physician's Statement form, click here.

After completing all requirements please fax or email your medical appeal to your State League Coordinator. See below.

Contact Your State League Coordinator or USTA State Staffer

For more information and proper forms to file, please contact your State League Coordinator or USTA state staffer.

Meg Edwards
Fax: 205-328-3987

Holly Haynes
Fax: 501-223-0531

Carolina Kaminski
Fax: 404-255-5403

Kathy Klein
Fax: 502-491-1228

Freddy Bailey
Fax: 225-769-0347

Lindsey Dye
Fax: 601-981-4517

North Carolina
Dani Broadstreet
Fax: 336-852-7334

South Carolina
Jessica Harrell
Fax: 803-753-9255

Jason Ontog
Fax: 615-953-1698

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