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Tennis on Campus

Tennis On Campus

Visit our Championship website!

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the USTA has decided to suspend all USTA-sanctioned events through May 3. Please click here for more information.

The Tennis on Campus and its Club Team program is a good supplement to a college or university’s physical education tennis classes, intramural program or recreational league that offers students and faculty the chance to represent their fraternity or sorority, dorm or any other campus-based organization in a friendly, yet competitive playing environment.

The TOC playing format is designed to be flexible, so that it will work on any campus and incorporate players of all ability levels. Beginning players may elect to concentrate more on the skill building and social aspects of the game, while more advanced players might form a sport club team and compete against other nearby schools.

The Tennis on Campus program has many benefits for the students and university, which include:

  • Social interaction
  • Emphasis on having fun with friends
  • A healthy physical workout
  • Eligibility for the USA Team Tennis National Campus Championships
  • An increase in the use of campus tennis facilities
  • More support for the school’s varsity tennis teams
  • USTA Southern staff support
  • Curriculum guides and access to low cost equipment

Download the USTA Guide to Tennis on College Campuses.

Click here for information on how to form a TOC club team

Go to the link for the USTA's national Tennis on Campus web site.

For more information on starting a USTA Team Tennis program on your campus, please contact your state coordinator below:

Alabama Keith Wilson 334.462.6051
Arkansas Deanna Garretson 501-227-7611
Georgia Lindsey Davila 404-256-9543
Kentucky Taylor Urquhart 502-491-1290
Louisiana Jeff Smith 318-573-5037
Mississippi William Foreman 601-981-4421
North Carolina Sara Worth Hodges 336-852-8577
South Carolina Sheryl McAlister 803-781-2574
Tennessee Jason Ontog 423-667-8982
USTA Southern Jeff Smith 318-573-5037

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