2007 Award - Gerrie Rothwell Award

Gerrie Rothwell Award
Presented annually to a volunteer within the USTA Southern Section who has demonstrated outstanding service and dedication to the USA League Tennis Program. This award is given in honor of the late Gerrie Rothwell, former State League Coordinator of Arkansas.

Bee Stewart
Greenville, MS

When Bee Stewart and her family moved to Greenville from Jackson, Mississippi, she began playing tennis at Cypress Hills Tennis Club as a way to meet new people. It was not long after Stewart meet Sharon Gault, who took her “under her wing” and convinced Stewart to help her run junior and adult tournaments in the area. In 1980, Stewart started playing league tennis and soon stepped into the position of Local League Coordinator for the Delta district which included 14 counties in the Mississippi Delta. While Stewart was serving as the LLC of the Mississippi Delta Section she was also playing league tennis and captaining more than one team.

After three years as LLC, Stewart decided to step down and take on a new role as Adult League Committee Chairman for the Cypress Hills Tennis Club, the very club where she first started her tennis career. She was also a member of the Cypress Hills Board for several years. Stewart was on the founding committee for the award winning Ole Miss- Mississippi State Charity Tournament and served the tournament for 15 years.

In 2003, Stewart became a member of the Mississippi Adult League Committee and was promoted to chairman shortly after. Stewart has also served on the Southern Adult League Committee and is no stranger to the hard work that comes along with events of that magnitude. As of 2007, Bee has worked at least 30 state and sectional events.