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Board of Directors - 2007

USTA Southern Section Board of Directors

The USTA Southern Section Board of Directors is comprised of the
Executive Committee, Delegates-at-Large, State Delegates and Past Presidents.


Executive Committee


Judy Utley,
President (NC)
Rex Maynard,
Executive Vice President (SC)
Helen Jeter, Vice President (SC)
Mike McNulty,
Vice President (LA)
Eddie Gonzalez,
Vice President (GA)
Derek White,
Secretary (GA)
Mac Macdougal ,
Treasurer (GA)
Jeff Gray, Delegate (AL)



LtoR: Bud Spencer, Paula Hale, Brenda Smith, Randy Jackson

State Association Presidents

Front row (from left): Kathy Hinrichs (LA), Donna Bailey (GA), Susan Habeeb (KY). Back row (from left): Jeff Burns (AL), Huey Townsend (MS), David Honeycutt (SC), Jeff Joyce (NC), Former President Mike Hurley (TN) - replaced by Bob Goodsell, Larry Cornett (AR).

Past Presidents


Front row (from left): Judi Miller, Lucy Garvin, Mildred Southern, Barbara Brewer. Back row (from left): Dr. Don Varga, Steve Duffel, Jeff Gray, Jim Russell, Randy Stephens, Herman Enochs.






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